Introducing Playground: A Tokenization Blockchain Experiment for The Greek Campus Community

Disclaimer: Lamarkaz and the Playground project are neither affiliated with or endorsed by the Greek Campus administration. This is purely a community project.

As announced and demonstrated at the 2nd Cairo Blockchain Meetup two weeks ago, we are finally launching our first project to serve the local mission of Lamarkaz.


The local mission of Lamarkaz is:

To raise awareness of Blockchain technology and use it for the benefit of individuals, businesses and society.

While we have been following the first half of the mission by organizing two blockchain meetups, producing awareness videos, managing an active online community and speaking to press and media, the second half remained unfulfilled until today. And since we are based in the Greek Campus, there is no better place to start than our own direct community.

Introducing Playground

Playground is the first public blockchain ever deployed in Egypt. It is a indefinite tokenization experiment that is only geographically limited to a very small spot: The Greek Campus startup community. It is a "Playground" in the sense that it is purely a community project, not a product that we intend to sell or monetize in anyway in its current shape.

In terms of tech, Playground is both an independent Ethereum blockchain network and a token wallet that we developed at Lamarkaz completely from scratch in order to ensure maximally user-friendly UI/UX. It allows anyone in the community to issue their own new tokens of any quantity and transfer them instantly to anyone else in the community simply by typing a name. Tokens are meant to represent something in the real world. For example, Gusto (restaurant) can create a token that represents a meal. They can sell it in bulk to crowdfund an extension to the restaurant and then buyers can redeem their tokens in form of meal or sell them to others in secondary market.

How It Works

Playground keeps track of all transactions on a decentralized Ethereum blockchain where all token issuance and transfer actions are published for anyone to read and verify.

Every new token you issue has a name and a symbol and is connected to your identity, meaning that you cannot deny that you issued that token later. The network is a public record ledger that keeps you accountable to your actions. So if you promise someone that a token can be redeemable to something later, they can hold you accountable to your word in front of the community.

The Playground Blockchain is immutable, meaning that no one can ever change or delete anything in it, including ourselves, the developers. This means that no one can take away the tokens you own without your permission.

Playground is also a general-purpose Ethereum blockchain where any kind of dApp (decentralized app) can be developed for the community in the future. This is something that we are going to leave the developers in the community. If you are a developer and intend to deploy your own Solidity smart contract to Playground, contact us at

The Purpose

Blockchain is a greatly misunderstood subject, both internationally and locally. We receive a lot of questions from our neighboring companies about the technology, so we thought there is no better way to learn than by practice.

We have intentially developed Playground without a business model. It is intended only to prove the utility of tokenization to the local tech startup community beyond the Greek Campus community and to explore the most needed use cases before potentially scaling it up. Who knows?


Users who intend to interact with the Playground blockchain must be whitelisted first on the network. If you are a member of the Greek Campus community, you are eligible to register for the Playground blockchain whitelist. That includes tenants, employees and staff.

If you are eligible, visit on your smartphone and click on the "Generate Identity" button.

A dialog will pop up asking you to enter and confirm your new wallet password. Your password must be at least 8 characters long. After you're done, click the new "Generate Identity" wallet.

After your new identity wallet is successfully generated, it will be downloaded to your device. Make sure you keep a few backups. Without this file, you won't be able to access your account. Send an email to with your newly generated address (e.g. 0xf2646f20cc76d90a15c247f2988c6cf96ed36c7a), your name and your organization's name.
After sending the information, wait for an email response from us to confirm your whitelist membership. From that point forward, you'll be able to issue, send and receive tokens!

Use Cases

Tokenization is an international movement and the use cases are endless. The point from this experiment is to find out what people from the community will use it for. But among the use cases that we could think of ourselves are:

  • Crowdfunding by preselling tokens representing a future product
  • Exchanging future products and services in the form of redeemable tokens
  • Selling loyalty tokens
  • Representing event tickets in the form of tokens.
  • Representing equity in the form of tokens
  • E-voting

Get In Touch

If you are have any questions, concerns or suggestions relevant to the Playground project, please get in touch via