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Dcourt Early Adopter Bounty Program

March had been a very busy month for the Dcourt project as we have already announced that the first draft of the Dcourt whitepaper had been peer-reviewed and published. We are also glad to announce that we have published the source code of the first version of the token smart contract on Github. Today, we are excited to announce our early adopter bounty program allowing anyone to be a part of the Dcourt project. Next, we will be publishing DCourt's proof of concept release which is currently being developed.
The bounty campaign will offer an opportunity to members of our community to contribute directly to the success of the Dcourt project in any capacity they can. In return, each contributor will be compensated with the appropriate share of the Dcourt token supply. Out of an initial supply of 250 million Dcourt (DCT) tokens, a maximum of 12.5 million tokens will be distributed as part of the bounty campaign. The bounty campaign will be divided into the following categories.

Content Creation

Vloggers, bloggers, journalists and artists who create blog posts, articles, videos, podcast episodes, artwork, or any other form of content promoting the Dcourt project will be allocated a maximum of 3 million DCTs throughout the bounty campaign.

Code and Bug Bounty

Blockchain developers, smart contract developers, and other software developers are welcome to contribute in building and auditing the main components of the Dcourt ecosystem, including smart contracts, dApps, infrastructure and other components. The code and bug bounty contributors will be allocated a maximum of 3 million DCT throughout the bounty campaign.

Ambassador Program

Community leaders, event organizers, and influencers who actively promote the Dcourt project in their communities in concert with the Dcourt project team will be allocated a maximum of 2 million DCT throughout the bounty campaign. If you are willing to put in the effort of becoming an active ambassador of Dcourt, please fill in this form.

Social Media Marketing

Social media influencers who seek to promote the Dcourt project and meet the criteria of having at least 500 followers on either Facebook or Twitter and having created their account before the beginning of the bounty campaign will be allocated tokens based on their number of posts and followers. Those who do not meet the criterion of having at least 500 followers, but still have a personal account that was created before the bounty campaign, and having followed our Twitter account or liked our Facebook page are still entitled to a share of the social media bounty. The social media marketing bounty contributors will be allocated a maximum of half a million DCT.

Mailing List Referral

Contributors who refer more than 25 subscribers are eligible for a maximum share of half a million DCT. Share this mailing list subscription form with your friends asking them to cite you as the referral.

BitcoinTalk Signature Bounty

Adding a Dcourt banner to your BitcoinTalk.org signature will make you eligible to a share of DCT tokens based on your forum membership status. These are the rewards for each status:
Jr. / Member: 400 DCT per month.
Full Member: 800 DCT per month.
Sr. Member: 1600 DCT per month.
Hero / Legendary Member: 3200 DCT per month.
The maximum share for the BitcoinTalk signature bounty is 1 million DCT.


Helping to localize the Dcourt whitepaper in one of the languages specified in the following list makes you eligible for a share of the DCT tokens:

  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Hebrew
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Turkish
  • Russian
  • Arabic
    The maximum DCT token share for translation is half a million DCT.

Bounty Reward Request

If you are eligible for any of the bounties mentioned above, please submit a bounty reward request using this form.
If you have any questions or suggestions relevant to the bounty campaign please direct them at dcourt@lamarkaz.com with a title "DCT Bounty Reward Request".

Ihab McShea

Ihab McShea

Ihab is the head of research at Lamarkaz. He is a theoretical Computer Scientist, Pure Mathematician with interests in cryptography and biology.

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